Tatyana Kobezhikova is a shaman by birth; she comes of Akh-Khaskha (“White Bone”) kin. This is an old princely family, with a centuries-long shaman history. From generation to generation, shamans were born in Akh-Khaskha kin, who exercised their healing practices on human beings and the earth, and held cultic ceremonies.

Today, the heir of this tradition is Tatyana Kobezhikova. Her “shaman travels” are known, after which people’s life changes amazingly. Inside work and participation are oriented toward the ability to interact with the Spirits of Time and Space. Force is acquired, and its combination with ancient knowledge helps learning to determine and to harmonize the space. Participants are taught to create reality based on their requirements, to distribute and to use the Force of Spirits in their practical life. Ability is acquired to attract the Spirit of Luck, to improve one’s welfare and prosperity. Possibility is acquired to use the knowledge obtained for spiritual and social personality development. Internal female and male personality aspects are harmonized.

Out of respect to the continuation and inheritance of ancient traditions and to her Gift, Tatyana Kobezhikova was elected Chairperson of the Traditional Religion of Khakass people “Khan Tigir”. Thousands of people have experienced the benefit of her work, not only in Khakassia and Russia, but also in various countries worldwide (Nepal, Tibet, America, Spain, Greece, Baltic countries, etc.). In her photo album, many renowned people can be seen among her friends and clients. In her native land, in Khakassia, Tatyana Vasilievna is often invited to call rain and to stop floods. For her love to people and her personal human qualities she is called the White Shaman and the Woman of Rainbow.

Initiated by Tatyana Kobezhikova, the organization if traditional religion of Khakass people “Khan Gir” (the Master of Heaven) was registered in Khakassia in 2001. Basics of the doctrine and sacred cults were described. Missionary, educational work is carried on. Worship rituals of Heaven, Mother-Earth, Spirits of Water and Fire are conducted, including personal rituals. Travel seminars are organized.

Tatyana Kobezhikova takes part in forums, congresses, scientific conferences; organizes archeological expedition for conservation of ancient sacred monuments and nature objects.

Tatyana Kobezhikova travels a lot and works in various cities and countries. Shaman rituals, personal consultations are conducted; seminars, business trainings are organized.

Work with the person:

Personal consultations, personal rituals, work with couples; men and women’s problems. Business advice.

Work with children:

Children’s fears, stresses, development of creative potential, attention development.

Work with space:

Work with human environment; determining the shape, the color and the content of the working space.

Work with situations.

Work with the elements.

Work with animals:

Treatment of physical and psychological diseases and disfunctions. She makes amulets, herbal mixtures, aromatic compositions.

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