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Practical seminar «Return of the female soul»

Goal of the seminar: Program of the seminar: The seminar will be followed by a shaman ritual “Return of the female soul”.

Practical seminar “Strengthening the male spirit, male substance»

Goal of the seminar: Also, talismans and amulets will be made; individual combinations of stones, minerals and metals for each participant will be determined, for any state and situation.

The seminar will be followed by a shaman ritual “Attraction of the spirit of luck”.

Practical seminar “Building the space”

Key subjects: The practical seminar will focus on determining personal space, including situation space and harmonic integration into it for efficient movement.
The actions carried out during the practical seminar will allow you to enter the flow of your space’s energies. Improve your state, efficiently perform actions for successful conduct of affairs and leveling of situations.
We will also focus on the study and building of interpersonal relations, including partnerships, in various areas of life: creation, business, family, friendship, and woman-man relations.

The seminar will be followed by a shaman ritual “Space cleaning. Attraction of the spirit of luck”.

Practical seminar «Attraction of the spirit of luck»

Subjects to be studied at the seminar:

The seminar will be followed by a shaman ritual “Attraction of the spirit of luck”.

Practical seminar and shaman ritual (ceremony) “Attraction of the spirit of money”.

Goal of the seminar:
Key subjects of the seminar: During the seminar, practical work with money will be carried out (notes of different denomination, of different currencies), to develop the skill of saving money for the purpose of increasing their amount. You will be taught applied tools of attracting and retaining the cash flow.

Practical work will be conducted, in respect of interrelations with money and the goods turnover energy; self-identification with the goods and money, including at the highest social levels.

The seminar will be followed by a shaman ritual “Attraction of the spirit of money”, and work will be carried out to retain it.

Seminar-transformation “Tailing the avalanche”. Change and compaction of the cash flow structure.

The changing structure of the world financial structure has entailed social changes, anxiety states; there is a trend of personal and social destruction. This recession, like an avalanche, entails changes in the economy and in the energy of success. There is a notion in the tradition: to come unhurt off a now slip, one has to “tail” it. The snow avalanche is a changed and compacted snow crystal structure. In other words, one must use the solidity of the avalanche and all its efficient properties to reserve and improve one’s own position. Regardless of their activity, the most successful will be those who manage to transform and maintain the internal structure and balance in any form. This can be compared to a flow of energy, like DNA, without rigid connection, and at the same time continuous, soft and flexible. In this stream, you can climb up and down. It will catch you like a safety net. Now, the most important things will be deep peace of mind and equilibrium. This state will be the most demanded in any market. In this period, emotional shaking is unreasonable.

This seminar-transformation is held to maintain your state of mind and efficient advancement in the cash flow, to “straddle” the avalanche. The seminar is also intended for those wishing to learn how to earn money more efficiently, interact with the world of finance and enjoy the process.

Goals and objectives of the seminar:
The following techniques will be transmitted to participants of the seminar:

One-day practical seminar “Travel in the world of dreams» Shaman interpretation of dream symbols

Subjects to be studied at the seminar: The practical seminar will be followed by a shaman ritual (ceremony) “Attraction of guard spirits of sleep and dream”.

Practical seminar «Unity with the Forces of the Elements»

The seminar will focus on communicating with the forces of guarding spirits of the earth, water, air and fire, obtaining from them force and direction in the further life way. If desired, each participant will be given a possibility to go through internal tests, getting initiated in his/ her life, in order to attain harmony as a tool of personal growth.

You will get rid of old stereotypes accumulated during your life. Your space will be purified powerfully, to be filled with the energy of life.
Participants of the seminar will get the possibility of acquiring the Force and combining it with the ancient knowledge which will help them defining and harmonizing the space, and building the reality based on their requirements.

Tatyana Kobezhikova has also developed some health-improving methodologies based on ancient knowledge and practices of Khakass healers. In T.V. Kobexhikova’s family, they have since old times practiced healing, made up herbal mixes, practiced massage, complexes of treatments and actions to sanify, purify the organism, to change its state.

The methodology is based on the work with herbs and roots, mainly rare ones, growing in the region only and used exclusively in old folk medicine recipes and in rejuvenating practices. The exclusive herb mixtures are prepared in Khakassia and made up in full conformity with the tradition.

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